Searchlight™ eCASE
An end-to-end solution

Searchlight™ eCASE empowers legal teams to review, organize and analyze evidentiary material into compelling arguments. This off-the-shelf, best-of-breed product has been proven on some of the largest, most complex, high-stakes cases in the world. By utilizing the most advanced relational technologies, users can organize transcripts and collections originating from paper, electronic records, audio & video files by key issues, event chronologies and organizational profiles.



Searchlight™ eCOURT
A paperless courtroom

Most trial lawyers present exhibits by holding up pictures, passing documents to jurors, and using blow-ups on easels that can barely be seen. This is not the best way to present evidence, particularly in document-intensive cases, and certainly not an inefficient use of courtroom time.

Searchlight™ eCOURT is the first electronic exhibit management system designed specifically for the courts. All exhibits are presented and managed electronically eliminating the need for paper during the proceedings. Judges, counsel, clerks and witnesses simultaneously view and examine exhibits as presented by the courtroom clerk. And, the judge or commission panel members are able to electronically mark-up exhibits using secure, private copies. The result - evidence is presented more quickly, all participants simultaneously review the same piece of evidence avoiding any ambiguity or needless delays, and court costs are reduced.